Data Partners & Cohorts

A summary of CO-CONNECT's Data Partners and onboarded COVID-19 datasets.

By 27 October 2022, the CO-CONNECT Project has successfully onboarded 50 datasets onto the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway and 13 data sets into the Cohort Discovery Search Tool, including 12 COVID-19 research cohorts.

Who are our Data Partners?

Our Data Partners are the data custodians that the CO-CONNECT team have worked with to get their research cohorts live and discoverable on HDR Innovation Gateway’s Cohort Discovery Search Tool (CDST). They were in charge of managing and protecting the cohorts that CO-CONNECT made discoverable on the CDST

Each profile provides a brief overview a cohort, their data custodian, and the research they were involved in. 


ISARIC 4C Name: International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium – Comprehensive Clinical Characterisation Collaboration (ISARIC 4C) Principal Investigator: Professor Peter Openshaw (Co-lead) Leading Institutions: Imperial College London HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Platinum The team at ISARIC 4C have been preparing for a respiratory pandemic years before the global spread … Read More


COVIDsortium Name: COVID-Consortium (COVIDsortium): Front Line Impact of COVID-19 Principal Investigator: Professor James Moon Leading Institutions: University College London, Barts Charity  HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Gold Work in COVIDsortium began the day of the UK’s first lockdown in March 2020, and recruited its first 400 participants 9 days later. It is a collaboration … Read More


TRACK-COVID Name: TRACK-COVID Principal Investigators: Professor John Danesh and Professor Emanuele Di Angelantonio Leading institution or organisation: University of Cambridge (Department of Public Health and Primary Care) HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Silver The TRAC-COVID study aims to provide a better understanding of the biological and environmental risk factors of COVID-19, … Read More


PANTHER Name: Pandemic Tracking of Healthcare Workers (PANTHER) Leading institution or organisation: University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Gold The PANTHER study explores why some people with COVID have symptoms (symptomatic) and others do not (asymptomatic). It also looks at why not everyone with … Read More

Generation Scotland

Generation Scotland Name: Generation Scotland Principal Investigator: Professor David Porteous Leading institution or organisation: University of Edinburgh HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Gold Launched in 2006, Generation Scotland looks at the health and well-being of volunteers and their families. The study aims to examine the lives of their participants from childhood … Read More

NIHR BioResource

NIHR BioResource Name: National institute for Health and Care Research’s (NIHR) BioResource Leading Institution or organisation: NIHR HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Platinum The NIHR’s BioResource is a national resource that supports public participation in research, and was set up as a collaborative effort between clinicians and researchers. It is a bank … Read More


GASP Name: Genetics of Asthma Severity & Phenotypes (GASP) Principal Investigator: Professor Ian Sayers Leading institution or organisation: BREATHE, University of Nottingham Key Funding: Asthma UK HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Silver The GASP project was set up in 2013 to create a large cohort of moderate to severe asthma … Read More


Follow-COVID Name: Follow-COVID Leading institution or organisation: University of Dundee HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Platinum The Follow-COVID study aims to identify the long-term consequences and future healthcare needs of people who became ill with severe cases of COVID-19. To do this, researchers a monitoring more than 100 patients from across … Read More


Co-STARS Name: COVID-19 Staff Testing of Antibody Response Study (Co-STARS) Leading institution or organisation: Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Gold The Co-STARS study began in April 2020, with the hospital performing serological antibody testing on around 1000 of its healthcare workers. Within … Read More

ACE Cohort

ACE Cohort Name: Asymptomatic COVID-19 in Education (ACE) Cohort Leading institution or organisation: University of Nottingham, University of Cambridge, University of Cardiff HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Silver At the start of the 2020/2021 academic year some education providers established in-house testing facilities.These specialised sites were created in response to the sharp … Read More


ALSPAC Name: Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC); Children of the 90’s  Principal Investigator: Professor Nick Timpson Leading institution or organisation: University of Bristol HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Ranking: Silver ALSPAC, which is more commonly known as Children of the 90’s, is a world-leading birth cohort study which … Read More


MATCH Name: MATCH Antibody Study Principal Investigator: Professor James Chalmers Leading institution or organisation: University of Dundee HDR Innovation Gateway Metadata Rating: Platinum MATCH was set up to help report on the prevalence of COVID-19 infections in healthcare workers. This is important as people in these roles are at great … Read More