What are the PUG’s thoughts on: PPI in CO-CONNECT?

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What are the PUG's thoughts on: PPI in CO-CONNECT?

To find out, watch our latest video:

Patient and Public Involvement: What our Public User Group has to say

In this video, three members of CO-CONNECT’s Public User Group (PUG) about their thoughts on the CO-CONNECT project and Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) as a whole.

Meet PUG members Kausar Iqbal, Karen Mooney and Koula Prevett, each of whom come from very different backgrounds and with different areas of expertise. However, one belief they all have in common is the largely untapped potential of PPI and its incredible value in health data research.

They tell us a little about themselves, who they are, why they started getting invovled in PPI work, why they were interested in collaborating on the CO-CONNECT project, why the work of CO-CONNECT is important for furthering future COVID-19 research and how they have been actively included in the project thus far.

PUG member Karen Mooney has previously written an article for Health Data Research UK, talking about the benefits of using health data, the importance of researchers building trust with the wider public and the benefits of sharing data in research. To read her article, visit the HDR UK website at: 


This video was produced by Marialuisa Cursino and subtitled by Gabriella Linning.