What are CO-CONNECT’s thoughts on: PPI?

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What are CO-CONNECT's thoughts on: PPI?

To find out, watch our latest video:

Patient and Public Involvement: What CO-CONNECT has to say

In this video, three members of the CO-CONNECT team discuss the crucial role of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in health data research.

Principal Investigator Professor Sir Aziz Sheikh, PPI Coordinator Tracy Jackson, and PPI Lead Antony Chuter tell us why PPI has not only been valuable to the CO-CONNECT project, and the creation of the HDR Innovation Gateway Cohort Discovery tool, but also to the whole field of health data research.

Each team member provides a different perspective to the benefits of PPI in research, operations and to members of the public.

This video was produced by Marialuisa Cursino and subtitled by Gabriella Linning.