Lucky 13! First national TRE cohort is on-boarded

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Lucky 13! First national TRE cohort is on-boarded

Scottish public health data now discoverable via the Cohort Discovery Search Tool

We are delighted to announce that COVID data from Public Health Scotland’s (PHS) is now live on the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway‘s Cohort Discovery Search Tool (CDST).

This is a massive achievement for the team, as PHS is the first national-scale Trusted Research Environment (TRE) to on-board their COVID data, as well as the second TRE overall. The first was the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) who on-boarded the ISARIC 4C cohort.

Not only does PHS’s addition bring CO-CONNECT’s running total of on-boarded COVID cohorts up to 13, it has also astronomically increased the number of searchable datasets on the CDST.

Thanks to PHS, a further 5.2 million records are now discoverable, making it the largest cohort the team has ever worked with. This title was previously held by ISARIC 4C, which contains around 270,000 records.